About JinDELL

JinDELL are a leading engineering and manufacturing Dental Device Company located in the Kaohsiung City where South of Taiwan (in the East of Asia) since the year of 1971.

To design and produce robust and reliable high precision dental handpiece and related device always been our mission. Ever since, many other products have been developed and engineered, remaining faithful with the original idea of Production of dental dynamic instruments. 

During the last few years, not only has JinDELL developed and launched a few brillant and innovative products but also has revised and improved all the existing handpiece and any products to reach and closely the perfect perfomance goal. 

Nowadays JinDELL exports its products to many countries through the world. We offer a widely range of high quality and cost competitive products and accessories for the practitioner and the dental industry. 

JinDELL has been manufacturing according to the ISO 13485 standard since the year of 2006; during all production phases, from parts manufacture to final assembly, rigorous controls ensure that sold products will prove extremely safe and reliable.

We specialize in the development and manufacturing of dental High speed turbines handpiece, Low speed handpiece, various of gear ratio Contra-Angles and Attachments, Pneumatic Sonic Scalers, Pneumatic Sonic Endodontic s handpiece, Pneumatic Sonic Surgery handpiece, and related accessories, and also the related instruments adapt to dental requirements across a vast range of applications.

For over 50 years, we have been committed to provide the dental community with innovative, high quality and experienced team is a full-service engineering and products development firm that offers a full range of service from conceptual development to prototype and manufacturing of private labels and O.E.M. products.  For more information, welcome and please to contact at our sales or engineering team.