Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro - TITANIUM LINE FIBER OPTIC 45-degree Angled head AIR TURBINES

Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro
45-degree Angled head AIR TURBINES
Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro SERIES

--3 water Jet without mist – No Air Jet & No Chip Air! Excellent Torque and Cutting Efficiency!Ti-Premium LUX 600 series Banner

Ti-Premium LUX 450 series

Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro
Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro Series Features
Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro series Features
Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro Series Spray

Specfication of Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro series
TITANIUM LINE, 45° Head, KaVo® MULTIflex™ Type connction of Fiber Optic Handpiece with Titanium Grip & Small head.
Model Name: Ti-
Premium LUX 450Pro KL

Ti-Premium LUX 450KL

Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro KL Detail

  • 30% lighter weight than normally Air Turbines, reducing the burden on your hand while in use.
  • High robustness and Light-weight due to make of Corrosion & Highest strength Titanium Grip and Stainless-steel sturdy head to resist damged when dropped and knocked and with Scratch-resistant surface finish
  • 45° Head- The 45-degree angled head offers excellent accessibility and visibility during root separation procedures and the removal of hard tissue covering impacted third molars.
  • Small head, Dimensions (Ø10.8 mm x H12.2 mm) ensure ergonomic comfort and precise results while guaranteeing an optimum view at all times.
  • Quick stop the bur approx. under 2~3 secondsincreasing efficiency cutting and improve safety during treatments and operation, it also enghanced zero suck back.
  • Combined with an LED light bulb incorported in Coupling, a clear intraoral visibility is guaranteed.
  • Anti-Retraction Suction hygiene sealed head- combined with a non-return valve, this wear-resistant mechanism prevents oral fluids and other organisms from seeping into the instrument head, water pipes and treatment equipment. Avoids the risk of cross-contamination in the patient and prolongs the life of the ball bearings.
  • 3-nozzle Water Jets without mist cooling system provides efficiently bathes the bur at all operating speeds, providing maximum integral optimal cooling of the treatment site.
  • Quiet, vibration-free operation 59 db(A) Sound level.
  • Idling speed 350,000~430,000 min-1.
  • Push button Chuck & Back cap
  • Robust Premium Quality Ceramic ball bearings - wear resistant give the handpiece a longer useful life and reduce noise levels.
  • Fiber optic Glass rod.
  • Powerful torque of 20 watts *.
  • Light Weight 49.4 grams..
  • Available to KaVo® MULTIflex type Coupling**.
  • Scratch-resistant surface improves aesthetics even more – and extends their life .
  • Fatigue-free work.
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable up to 135°C or 275°F.
  • FG burs Ø 1.6 mm for bur lengths up to 25 mm.
  • Whole dental handpiece stand for a long service life with a limited warranty of at least 24 months except the Bearings of Air Turbines.
  • Stand for a long service life with a limited warranty of at least 12 months for the Bearings of Air Turbines.
  • Upgraded wedge design for enhanced clamping force & improved bur retention over time .
  • Precision Balancing.
  • State-of-the-Art manufacturing cell for impellers.
  • Stainless steel bur guide bushing improves bur concentricity and extend chuck life.
  • Heat-treated, precision-ground spindle with honing of critical dimensions and reduces chuck wear and prolongs life.
  • EDM precision machined collet.

TITANIUM LINE, 45° Head, NSK® PHATELUS™ Type connction of Fiber Optic Handpiece with Titanium Grip & Small head.
Model Name: Ti-
Premium LUX 450Pro NL
Ti-Premium LUX 450NL

Ti-Premium LUX 450Pro NL-Detail
  • Light Weight 49.4 grams. / Available to NSK® PHATELUS™ PTL type Coupling.** 

Wide Compatible with couplings of W&H® ROTO™ Quick (RQ Type) / Bien - Air® UNIFIX™ / MORITA® / YOSHIDA® / Sirona® ...and can be connected to units currently in use**.
* Performance value applies at a rated pressure of 3 bar and exhaust air pressure of max. 0.2 bar
** NSK® PHATELUS™ & KaVo® MULTIflex & Sirona® & W&H® ROTO & Bien - Air® UNIFIX & MORITA® / YOSHIDA® are trademarks of a third parties not affiliated with JinDELL Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.