Air Polishing Prophylaxis Jet Handpiece

Lightweight, compact design and well-considered weight balance enable easy handling fo...

Air Polishing Prophylaxis Jet Handpiece

Air Polishing Prophylaxis Jet handpiece

JinDELL Air Polishing Prophylaxis Jet Handpiece

AirProphy Series Air Polishing Prophylaxis Jet handpiece

Prophy Series Air Polishing Prophylaxis Jet handpiece

Full Range of Prophylaxis Jet handpiece Clinical applications

  • Highly efficient, clean work, light-weight, accurate and with the best possible protection of healthy dentin.
  • Extremely versatile; attaches to the handpiece tubing connector of virtually any dental chair, Simple to use.
  • Lightweight, compact design and well-considered weight balance enable easy handling for minimized hand and wrist fatigue, helping to ensure thorough treatment.
  • Nozzles and handpiece can be disassembled, easily to clean and maintained more thoroughly and washed in the Thermodisinfector. No complicated installation procedures, plug and play, simple and easy to operate.
  • Large capacity powder case, compatible with all common dental chair handpiece tubing connections.
  • Durable Stainless steel grip. Autoclavable up to 135°C or 270°F except the capacity powder case.
  • Positive pressure and with internal water system design, enstronger spray, reduce powder contamination, dust and mist flying. Substantially smaller debris radius. Air-water separation, double anti-suction design, no pollute the dental chair internal pipeline.
  • Prophy Partner series models with replacement 60° ,80° and 120° nozzles maximize the cleaning ability. 
  • Prophy series models with replacement  60° and 120° nozzles maximize the cleaning ability.
  • Rotatable smoothly 360° nozzles for easy operability, responding flexibly to minute fingertip movements with effortless adjustment of the nozzle angle, suitable for different treatment requests.
  • One-touch attachment to NSK® & KaVo® couplings or also 4-Hole Fixed backend connections. And also can be attached to the capacity powder case with one-touch operation
  • 120° nozzle is suitable for multi-purpose supragingival and subgingival cleaning. Combined with sodium bicarbonate whitening sandblasting (Prophy) powder and glycine sanblasting (Prophy) powder, it can easily and thoroughly clean plaque, pigment and other mineralized deposits.
  • 60° nozzle works especially well for molar area and occluding surface, and 80° nozzle for anterior tooth.
  • Gentle treatment, no drilling, no injections, no noise, no vibration and no unpleasant sensations in the mouth: pleasant for your patients, suitable for sensitive patients, children and young adults, dental Scaler & cleanings, appointmented patients and orthodontics patient.

Sodium bicarbonate Prophy Cleaning Powder
  Sodium bicarbonate Powder 碳酸氫鈉美白噴砂粉Sodium bicarbonate Powder 碳酸氫鈉美白噴砂粉

Product Details
Sodium bicarbonate cleaning powder for use with air prophylaxis cleaning (Air polishing jet handpiece) units.
  • Great tasting flavors both smell and taste as flavor indicates
  • Comfort during removal of supragingival stain. It is used to remove biofilm, plaque, stains and heavy pigmentation.
  • Sodium bicarbonate – for use on enamel
  • Compatible with all air-polishing units
  • Container Size: 350g (Lemon Flavor)
  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Flaver: Lemon (350g)
  • Flaver Family: Fruit
  • For Use with: Air-N-Go™,Air Flow™,ProphyBrite™, Air-Max™, Microphy™, Prophy Max™, PROPHYflex™ 3, Prophy Neo™, Air Prophy Partner.
  • Manufacturer Name: JinDELL Medical Inst., Co., Ltd.
  • Package Quantity: 1/PKg
  • Product Type: Prophy Powder

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