Luxury Handpiece repair station

Luxury Handpiece repair station
Weight: 8Kg/set
Luxury Handpiece Repair Station

Handpiece Repair Station
Handpiece Repair Station-1
Handpiece Repair Station-2
Luxury type Handpiece Repair Station
  • Collecting whole of Handpiece repair, Assembly, Disassembly, Removal, and test gauge...tools.
  • Including with:
  • Handpiece repair Press Kit
  • Handpiece Air pressure Gauge
  • Dental Handpiece Tubing Change Adapter Connector Converter 2 / 4 Hole (Two Type)
  • Handpiece Grip removal tool
  • Repair reamer for head of turbine handpiece
  • Low speed handpiece repair tool
  • Turbines bearings removal. 
  • Weight: 8Kg/set

Luxury handpiece repair station