IPR Orthodontic Strips

Premium IPR Orthodontic Strips

Premium IPR Orthodontic Strips
Premium IPR Orthodontic Strips
It is important to proceed systematically following a coarse to fine sequence in selecting grits. Unlike manual strips, the Ortho-Strip system provides rapid, controlled enamel reduction followed by polishing without unnecessary removal of healthy tooth substance.

Double Sided-Strips
  • Flexible strips, diamond coated on both sides
  • Proximal contouring, finishing and polishing ofboth adjacent teeth in a single procedure
  • No injuries to patient (lips) or dentist (fingers)
  • Available singly or in a set
  • Fully autoclavable strips.

Double Sided Strips include
* 90 micron - for use as a saw for opening contacts 
* 60 micron - for reduction 
* 40 micron - for contouring 
* 25 micron - for finishing 
* 15 micron - for pre polishing

Packing Set include:
*1 pce of 4:1 Gear Ratio Contra Angle Eva handpiece
*10 pcs of 5 different grades Double Sided-Strips,
*1 set IPR Gauge,
*1 pce of removal strips tool
*1 pce of Manual Bar
*2 pcs of Single Sided of Manual Ortho Strips