JinDELL Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., is a leading engineering and manufacturing Dental equipment company located in Kaohsiung, in the southern of Taiwan. 

For more than 50 years experiences, we have focused on dental Air turbines / Low-speed handpieces / various gear ratio Contra-Angles and Attachments/ Sonic Air Scaler / Sonic Pneumatic Endo Handpiece / Sonic Pneumatic Surgical handpiece and related development and manufacturing of dental accessories. The relevant dental equipment produced can be adapted to dental requirements in a wide range of applications. We have been committed to providing an innovative, high-quality and experienced team to the dental industry. This is a full-service engineering and product development company that provides full-service OEM generation from concept development to proprietary brand prototypes and manufacturing. Industrial products.

For more information, welcome and please to contact at our sales or engineering team. 

D-U-N-S® Num: 65-619-8025