Micro Sandblaster Handpiece

Premium Air Prophy Aluminum Oxide Micro SandBlaster

Extended Grip, whole with durable Stainless steel material, Autoclavable.
Premium Air Prophy Micro SandBlaster

JinDELL Air Prophy Micro SandBlaster

Premium Air Prophy Micro SandBlaster

Jindell Premium Air Prophy Micro SandBlaster is a compact, fully autoclavable up to 135°C or 270°F for use with abrasives such as aluminium or silicon oxide powder (particle size 20-80 micron available). The micro-fine blasting can be used to roughen the surfaces of metal, ceramic and plastic materials for effective reinforcement of adhesion with bonding agents.

  • Highly efficient, clean work, light-weight, accurate and with the best possible protection of healthy tooth substance.
  • Gentle treatment without drilling, without injection, without noise, without vibrations and without an unpleasant sensation in the mouth: pleasant for your patient, particularly for sensitive patients, children and young people.
  • Extended Grip, High-quality Stainless Steel materials, tungsten carbide used in manufacture, protect Air ProPhy Micro SandBlaster from highly abrasive powders.
  • Fully washable in a thermal disinfector and sterilisable at 135°C or 270°F in an autoclave.
  • Light in the hand- The convenient power packet weighs only 175 g.
  • With additional water supply-Reduced powder contamination, Substantially smaller debris radius, More easily removable corundum particles, More convenient treatment -so strong. So clean. So efficient.
  • The intelligent technology increases the pressure of your unit by 20%, i.e. from 2.8 bar to 3.2 bar - but is still just as powerful as when operated with 6 bar.
  • Indications-Minimally invasive cavity preparation, Opening and expansion of fissures - occlusal and buccal, Removal of deep discolourations in the dental enamel.
  • Roughening of the adhesive surfaces of crowns, bridges, brackets and pins.
  • Removal of cement residues from crowns, bridges and brackets.
  • Anti-retraction design for reducing block, precise operation.
  • On/Off Finger buttons can accurately control and supply reliable sand blasting volume.
  • Available for Interoral Air Powered Tooth Polishing (must with Sodium bicarbonate  or Glycine cleaning powder.
  • Jindell Micro SandBlaster provides precise surface micro roughening, improving bond strength up to 400%.
  • Available for remove the Adhesive on the Orthodontics Bracket Base.
  • 1 Premium Air Prophy Micro SandBlaster handpiece, 1 Midwest Adapter for Premium Air Prophy Micro SandBlaster handpiece, 60°, 90° nozzles all for 1 pce, 1 autoclavable front bodies,  and 1 maintenance kit
  • Package Quantity: 1/Pkg

Aluminimum Oxide Powder  
Product Details
  • Aluminum Oxide – 50 Micron, White, 1 lb Bottle
  • Pure 50 Micron white aluminum oxide for high abrasive power; recommended for extraoral use. Aluminum Oxide is an abrasive indicated for:
  • Bonding and cavity prep.
  • General use, metal, porcelain, acrylic, nonmetal surfaces, used for brackets, braces and touch-ups in the operatory.
  • Ideal use for: MicroEtcher™, PrepStart™, Deldent Miniblaster™, KaVo®RONDOflex Plus™

  • Color:White
  • Grit:50 Micron
  • Package Quantity:1/Pkg
  • Size: 1000g
  • Type: Powder