JinDELL Aerosols Hunter.
It is an ExtraOral suction machine with High volumes of drop...
ExtraOral suction System - JinDELL Aerosols Hunter.
JinDELL Aerosol Hunter- Extraoral Suction System

ExtraOral suction System - JinDELL Aerosols Hunter.
ExtraOral suction System - JinDELL Aerosols Hunter.
It is an ExtraOral suction System with High volumes of droplets & aerosols which are produced by handpiece & ultrasonicScaler during the treatment. It will serious affect the Medical person & patient's health.

  • Chair-side strongly suction and captures and destroys viruses, germ, bacteria, microorganisms, Aerosols, Droplets, splatter blood..., and etc. which generated from the dental turbine handpiece drilling, ultrasonic Scaling and dental treatment.
  • Strongly suction and captures mercury vapors generated in the amalgam treatment.
  • Strongly suction and captures bisphenol A (BPA) produced in the treatment of composite resin materials.
  • Strongly suction and neutralize harmful chemical disinfectant odor substances and volatile organic gases (VOC gases) in the air.
  • Strongly inhale and neutralize the smoke generated during dental laser and surgical electro cautery operations.
  • Strongly suction of dust particles and fines produced by air polishing and micro-etching.
  • High-efficiency HEPA filtration removes pollutants such as dust, formaldehyde, micron-level suspended particles, toluene, ammonia, PM2.5 and other pollutants in the air.
  • Special design of 7-layer filter contain with Super fine electrostatic filter, H13 grade HEPA, Activated carbon filter, TTA- antibacterial and antiviral static non-woven air filter, and then strengthen UVC Germicidal lamp disinfection and Plasma ION (nano-photocatalyst ion) generator efficiently and actively block bacteria, molds and mites, prevent their reproduction, and finally achieve antibacterial effect.
  • Upgraded the negative pressure motor which with low power consumption, power saving, safety, no heat generation, and low noise design.
  • High-efficiency 7-layer multiple filtration, strong 1.75CMM (m3/min); 61.95CFM (ft3/min) suction flow.
    Safe, durable, efficient, and easy to install.
  • Lightweight and flexible, with a segmented rotating arm design, which is suitable for clinical mobile use purpose.
  • Special design of 7- layers filtration system Including 2-layer of Super fine electrostatic filter & H13 grade HEPA filter and 2-layer of Activated carbon filter & 2-layer of TTA- antibacterial and antiviral static non-woven air filter. and they will effectively capture Covid-19, virus, bacteria, germ, microorganisms and prevent aerosols, droplets, splatter blood, dust, PM2.5, Harmful gases, odors..., and etc., so as to reduce cross-infection in the air, the effect can reach 99.97%.
  • Special design of 7- layers filtration system high effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses, and avoids secondary pollution. And then strengthen the UVC Germicidal lamp disinfection and Plasma ION (nano-photocatalyst ion) generator antibacterial, and chemically react with the virus based on the principle of electric discharge to perfect the removal of harmful substances, bacteria, and odors in the air, multiple antibacterial, purify the air, and improve Breathing quality.
  • Standard configuration-The front end is a bendable suction arm, a 360° adjustable joints, rotary segmented tube, more flexible and convenient, adjustable to any angle. The total length is about 1.6M. Suction rotating arm with replaceable wide mouth suction hood.
  • 2-year warranty (except consumables such as filter set, UVC Germicidal lamp, suction hood..., and etc.).
  • Optional foot control switch. Infection control is more comprehensive and convenient.
  • Optional full universal bendable jointless design suction arm.
Filtration Process:
  • First process contain with 2-Layers of Moisture Absorption Micro fiber filte; first layer is High-Density Fine pure PP Melt-Blown Non-Woven filter. Second layer is High-Density Super fine electrostatic filter : All for absorption of water droplets, moisture, aerosols, oils.  Achieve the effect of filtering droplets containing bacteria or virus.
  • The second process contain with first layer is H13 grade of HEPA Filter, Second and forth layer are TTA- antibacterial and antiviral static non-woven air filter, third and fifth layer are Activated carbon with Electrostatic particle filter. Filtration of fine and ultra- fine dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi, prions and PM 2.5; Efficiency: >99.97% @>0.3 microns(μm) - Equal to MERV 17 – For Microbes, Particle Filter 97% @ 1 Micron For Larger Particulate.
  • The third process is UV-C Germicidal Lamp: Disinfection and sanitation of air beyond filtration. Power: 6 watts x 2 pcs, wavelength: 253.7nm.

Aerosols Hunter-Spec.
Aerosols Hunter-Technical Specfication

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