Aerosols Hunter- Extraoral Suction System


JinDELL Aerosols Hunter.
It is an ExtraOral suction machine with High volumes of drop...
ExtraOral suction System - JinDELL Aerosols Hunter.
JinDELL Aerosol Hunter- Extraoral Suction System

ExtraOral suction System - JinDELL Aerosols Hunter.
ExtraOral suction System - JinDELL Aerosols Hunter.
It is an ExtraOral suction System with High volumes of droplets & aerosols which are produced by handpiece & ultrasonicScaler during the treatment. It will serious affect the Medical person & patient's health.

  • Captures and destroys virus, germs, microorganisms, aerosols and droplets..., and etc. generated from turbine handpiece drilling, ultrasonic scaling and dental treatment at chairside.
  • Captures mercury capors from amalgam removal.
  • Captures BPA particulates from composite material.
  • Neutralizes noxious chemical disinfectants odors and VOC gases.
  • External Odor Filtration Option for Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal.
  • Neutralizes smoke plum during dental laser and electrosurgery procedures.
  • Captures Air abrasion and micro-etching dust.
  • Safe, durable, efficient and easy to install.
  • Lightweight and flexible, with a segmented rotating arm design, suitable for clinical mobile use.
  • Powerful HEPA H13 garde  99.97% effective to countermeasures Covid-19 virus, viruses, germs, microorganisms and prevention of  Aerosols, droplets, splatter blood, stink..., and etc. for reducing cross-infection concern from Air.
  • Stepless Adjustable suction power.
  • Segmented rotary arm with replaceable capture wide-mouth suction hood can be disinfection.
  • 4 Durable Rolling Wheel Casters for Movement, Optional Foot on/off switch.
  • Quiet 58db Operation (normal conversation is 60db).
  • Medical grade filtration system.
  • Easy Maintenance and Low Repair Rate and Tech Support.
  • 2-year warranty.
Filtration Process:
  • First process contain with 2-Layers of Moisture Absorption Micro fiber filte; first layer is High-Density Fine pure PP Melt-Blown Non-Woven filter. Second layer is High-Density Super fine electrostatic filter : All for absorption of water droplets, moisture, aerosols, oils.  Achieve the effect of filtering droplets containing bacteria or viruses.
  • The second process contain with Double Antibacterial coating and 4-Layers of HEPA Filter: Including Activated carbon particle filter, Electrostatic particle filter and H13 grade Fine particle filter. Filtration of fine and ultra- fine dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi, prions and PM 2.5; Efficiency: >99.97% @>0.3 microns(μm) - Equal to MERV 17 – For Microbes, Particle Filter 97% @ 1 Micron For Larger Particulate.
  • The third process is UV-C Germicidal Lamp: Disinfection and sanitation of air beyond filtration. Power: 6 watts x 2 pcs, wavelength: 253.7nm.
  • Final process is Cold Plasma Disinfection Ionizer: improves air quality, greatly decreasing airborne dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses.